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The WELLFLOAT Delta Isolation Base is coming!

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WELLFLOAT BOARD - Special Coating models
Special coating models
The special L series models are finished with "WELL-COATING" which gives an improved performance over our standard models, preventing slippage for better grip on a material level. Additionally, the surface is more robust against both scratches and humidity. Suppressing unwanted vibration between the WELLFLOAT board and devices on and underneath of it will give more stability and improved system playback.
Supported Load Weight 0-300Kg
Dimensions W490xD440xH55(mm)
Material MDF
Supported Load Weight 0-300Kg
Dimensions W450xD350xH55(mm)
Material MDF
Slim Models
The half-height (31mm) ‘S’ model has been developed by combining the current WELLFLOAT mechanism with a bottom board, crafted in steel and will easily fit into on the shelves of the majority of HiFi racks in on the market. 
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Supported Load Weight  0-300Kg
Dimensions W480xD450xH31(mm)
Material MDF, Steel
Supported Load Weight  0-300Kg
Dimensions W450xD350xH31(mm)
Material MDF, Steel
WELLFLOAT BOARD - Classic Series
Basic models - Classic
The original and best-selling Standard/Normal WELLFLOAT board. Offers a great balance between price and performance.
It is easy to combine with any HiFi equipment thanks to the simple and universal design. It enhances the sound quality with its mechanism and performance.
4050 (Type 10)
Supported Load Weight 0~300Kg
Dimensions W500xD400xH56(mm)
Material MDF
4060 (Type 30)
Supported Load Weight 0~300Kg
Dimensions W600xD400xH56(mm)
Material MDF
Basic models - Classic PRO
The WELLFLOAT BOARD specifically designed for small monitor speakers used in a professional studio. These WELLFLOAT models are normally used as a pair on the mixer console at a recording studio or an outside broadcast van. The Analogue technology of WELLFLOAT successfully support s all the latest Digital technologies.
2540 (PRO)
Supported Load Weight 0-300Kg
Dimensions : W400xD250xH56(mm)
Material MDF
3040 (PRO II)
Supported Load Weight 0-300Kg
Dimensions : W400xD295xH56(mm)
Material MDF
Basic models - Classic A4
The footprint of these models is as small as a piece of A4 paper, giving enhanced performance and flexibility for smaller devices in any field. They feature a robust coating and are ideal for the majority of small speakers on the market. Additionally, they can improve the performance of laptop PCs and other devices used for streaming and networked audio. TYPE A4-G has an improved performance mechanism inside and can support heavier loads.
2130 (TYPE A4)
Maximum Load Weight  20Kg, Recommended load 0-17Kg
Dimensions 210mm×297mm (A4) x 56mm
Material particle board and synthetic resin coating
2130G (TYPE A4-G)
Maximum Load Weight 60Kg, Recommended load 0-40Kg
Dimensions 210mm×297mm (A4) x 53mm
Material particle board and synthetic resin coating
Type One
Very compact and cost effective model. Only slightly larger than a CD case and best fit to small devices such as HDD for NAS, power blocks or step-up transformers.
Supported Load Weight 0-19Kg 
Dimensions  W125xD150xH55(mm)
Material Fiber Reinforced Plastics
Welldisc (WELLFLOAT plates)
Stainless steel plates with special coating (WELL COATING) on both sides. Very robust giving better grip. Long lasting performance for humid environment. These plates can be used on or underneath a WELLFLOAT board to improve grip for better performance of products such as the feet of HiFi devices or spike shoes/pads.
Diameter 100mm,Thickness 1.6mm
Material Stainless steel
WELLFLOAT Support for Musical Instruments
WELLFLOAT for Piano (3 unit set)
Maximum Load Weight 750kg in total (Combined as 3 units)
Dimensions W295mm/D270mm/H52mm
Material Finnish Birch
WELLFLOAT for Cello and Bass
This model can be used for both Cell and Contra-bass (Acoustic bass) by replacing the upper board.

Supported Load Weight : 250kg

Dimensions W400mm/D250mm/H60mm
Material Finnish Birch